Golf & Business

I love golf.  Ever since my first round at age 13, I’ve enjoyed playing along with the camaraderie the game brings.  Even through my most disastrous rounds, the joy of being outside with friends far outweighs any poor scoring. Golf strategy closely mirrors strategy in business and to a broader extent, life itself.  The old adage …

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A successful sales executive recently shared an important insight with me.  In his 41 years of professional experience, its the first minute in every new relationship that matters most.  There are two reasons for this: We make a decision within that first minute on whether we like or dislike a person. This first impression is …

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The Reason

As this is the first blog I’ve ever written, I did some research regarding best practices on how to get started.  The first theme that came out was giving followers a reason to read.  That makes perfect sense. I’m starting this blog for two main reasons. First, I see there being a real opportunity for …

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