The Reason

As this is the first blog I’ve ever written, I did some research regarding best practices on how to get started.  The first theme that came out was giving followers a reason to read.  That makes perfect sense.

I’m starting this blog for two main reasons. First, I see there being a real opportunity for the content I plan to publish.  When looking at examples of outstanding leadership, inspiring moments and human interactions in general, most observations are written at the end of ones career.  While the stories and thoughts are interesting, they aren’t always relevant to the times.

Being at the mid point in my life and career (43 is a unique age), there is an untapped vantage point I feel should be shared – in real time.  At 43, you are not far removed from your recent past and learning, while still having an active seat at the table as important discussions and decisions are being made.  These real-time and current observations, along with inspiring (or non inspiring) moments, are what I hope to bring to this blog. In the moment and addressing the demands of the day.

Second, I’ve always wanted to write a book, however never seem to have the discipline to get things started.  When I reflected on the reasons why I wanted to write, it was abundantly clear.  I wanted to share my experiences as a way to help others and also leave a lasting impression that my daughters can reference back to.  My daughters are 7 and 9 years old.  The type of discussions I’ll share here do not generate much interest at home.  One day however, they may want to see another side of dad’s thinking that went beyond playing ‘zombie tag’ at home (a game we designed which is actually quite fun!).

Lastly, there are a few things I plan to omit from this blog.  The first is any condescending or directive guidance on how you should be living your life.  I’m going to assume that most of us know the difference between right and wrong – no need for me to call that out.

Second, I’ll aim to share insights that are relevant based on situations we deal with on a daily basis.

Third (and final), while each post will have a theme, I don’t plan on keeping things linear. Outside of aging, which keeps on happening whether we like it or not, each day we shift and adjust priorities within our personal and professional lives. To be realistic and relevant, this blog needs to be malleable as well.

And… we’re off!

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